A. Barry Hirschfeld Class of '64

College of Business Administration

hirschfeldFor most of his life, A. Barry Hirschfeld has been an entrepreneur. As a youngster, he built and sold motorized bicycles and go-carts. He also had fireworks stands in summer and, in winter, Christmas tree lots.

“I grew up in a home with very supportive parents,” he says of his early life in Denver, Colo., where his grandfather had settled in 1905 and two years later started A.B. Hirschfeld Press, a Denver printing icon that Hirschfeld’s father later ran.

Hirschfeld left Colorado for college, earning a degree in business administration from Cal Poly Pomona in 1964, followed by a master’s in management from the University of Denver in 1966. Shortly after graduation, he decided to buy some real estate – a decision that set the course for the rest of his professional career, spanning more than 45 years in the Denver business community.

Since that early investment, Hirschfeld has successfully built his real estate development company, A.B. Hirschfeld & Sons, where he is chairman and CEO. He also took over the printing company, which had produced the inaugural programs for the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies, when his father died in 1984, eventually merging it with another company in 2009. The father of two grown sons, he also has served on numerous cultural, business and educational boards.

The Hirschfeld family played such a key role in Denver that in 2004, Hirschfeld, his father (who at one time had been a part owner of the Broncos) and grandfather all were inducted into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame.

But business has not been Hirschfeld’s only focus. He and his wife, Arlene, have been extremely generous philanthropists, donating to dozens of causes and organizations through the years and also volunteering their time.

“I was exposed at an early age by my grandfather to help others,” he says. “He was a state senator. He said you need to do something more than just business, something for a greater good. That has stayed with me through my life. I get much more pleasure from giving than from getting.”



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