Frank Bostrom Class of '73

College of Enviromental Design

bostromFrank Bostrom has spent a good portion of his life building things. Growing up in the small desert town of Trona, Calif., he recalls, “I liked to create things and engage with my friends in it.” As an adult at Cal Poly Pomona, he built friendships and relationships en route to graduating in 1973 with a B.S. in urban and regional planning.

Since then, he has spent nearly 40 years constructing a range of commercial and residential projects and now is owner of Frank Bostrom, AIA and Associates in Redondo Beach. He’s been involved with numerous professional and civic organizations, serving on boards and committees, and has been recognized and honored many times for his work.

In addition, Bostrom’s interpersonal “construction” skills have extended to youth sports, where he built relationships in youth soccer and basketball as a coach, referee, director, commissioner and president. He also founded several tournaments and a summer soccer camp.

Of his time at Cal Poly Pomona, Bostrom says the “non-educational, yet educational, interaction with the faculty” in his major both on and off campus “was worth gold.” He notes that the “steady stream of guest speakers such as Buckminster Fuller, Craig Ellwood, and Mrs. Richard Neutra were inspiring and complementary to the classroom.”

“The day I graduated, I felt confident. When I entered the work force, I started at the bottom and began to work up the ladder. I knew I had good tools and skills to tackle anything, or any problem.”

Still, the married father of two says there must be a balance in life among work, family, friends and faith. To new graduates he would offer the following: “Don’t neglect the time you spend with your professional student organizations. They help you to continue to grow, to network and continue in a lifelong learning process. Never stop learning; never stop giving.”

Bostrom, who has donated both time and money to Cal Poly Pomona through the years and is a lifetime member of the university’s Alumni Association, adds, “Be involved at all levels, from Career Day to coaching 8-year-olds to play sports. Needs are everywhere. Tomorrow will be better because of what we gave today to make it that way.”



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