SAA Calendar

Cal Poly Pomona

Student Alumni Association

Calendar 2017-18


25-Eboard Meeting Luncheon


13-SAA Bonfire Social



9-Hiking Social

20- BroncoFusion (CPP Fest) from 9am-12pm University Park

20-Club Fair

21- First day of School

22-Club Fair



3-SAA Welcome Back Meeting (England Evans)

4- VIP Pumpkin Festival Event (4pm-9pm)

17- General Meeting (England Evans)

20-Cosmic Bowling @ 11pm

24-Frostbites Fundraiser

31- General Meeting (Orion AB)



3-CPP Night at Honda Center (5pm-8pm)

6-17-Shopping for Adopt a Family

7- General Meeting (SAND Recruitment) (Adopt a Family Program) (England Evans)

7-CBA LinkedIn Event (Tentative)

10-Buffalo Wild Wing Fundraiser

16-Alumni Association Board Meeting

17-Alumni Holiday Event (Tentative)

18-Hiking and painting CPP letters

21-General Meeting (England Evans)

30- Adopt a Family End of Year Potluck



2- First day of classes

5-Ice Skating at 8pm in Ontario

11-Jinza on campus Fundraiser

16-General Meeting (England Evans)

16-Feb 9-Candy Fundraiser

17- Mandatory Meeting SAND (England Evans)

18- Mandatory Meeting SAND (England Evans)

26- Student Alumni Network Dinner (SAND)

27- Student Alumni Network Dinner (SAND)

30- General Meeting (England Evans)


2- Student Alumni Network Dinner (SAND)

3-Student Alumni Network Dinner (SAND)

13-General Meeting (England Evans)

12-16- Payday Program

16-Game Night

22- On Campus T-Pumps Fundraiser

27- General Meeting (England Evans)


2-Hiking Social in Pasadena

6-General Meeting (England Evans)

17-TV Taping

20-General Meeting (Lyra)

26- First day of school



3-General Meeting (Nominations) (England Evans)

12-Jinza fundraising on campus

17- Grad Fair

18- Grad Fair

20-Laser Tag

25-LinkedIn Networking 201

27- Distinguished Alumni Awards

TBD- CPP Night at Angel Stadium



1- General Meeting (England Evans)

6-Tasting and Auction

8-Senior Send Off Event

15-General Meeting (England Evans)

25-End of Year Go Kart Racing

29-General Meeting (England Evans)



1-Banquet & Induction Ceremony at Kellogg West @ 6pm

8-10- Commencement