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Careers and Salaries

The AMM program is designed to equip you with the intellectual and professional skills required for management and leadership careers in the apparel production, fashion retailing and related sectors.  There is a wide variety of exciting career opportunities in apparel awaiting AMM graduates.  Many AMM graduates go on to careers with some of the best-known names in the US apparel and retail sectors.  This page contains information on the industry, career pathways and a multitude of web links to career sites, government information on the industries and professions, industry and professional organizations, trade publications and media, and government agencies that publish data or implement policy concerning the apparel and retail sectors.

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Buying, Planning & Merchandising
Position Average Salary Per Year
Associate Merchandiser $65,000
Merchandiser $127,000
Directional Merchandise Manager $212,500
General Merchandise Manager $222,5000
VP Merchandising $217,150

$172 billion

The apparel industry is $172 billion worldwide

4.7 million

Are employed by the apparel industry