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One of the highest honors a student can receive is to be recognized as an outstanding scholar in their field. The recognition of their accomplishments by an academic honor society identifies them as an individual motivated to excel. Whether your plans after graduation are to attend graduate school or starting in a professional career, this honor society membership will help you achieve that goal.

Alpha Pi Mu was founded in 1949 at Georgia Tech to recognize outstanding industrial engineering students. Since that time it has grown to where nearly every university in the United States with an industrial engineering program has a chapter. Its reputation and prestige are recognized throughout the industrialized world. In recent years, membership has been increased to allow the induction of manufacturing engineering students.

Alpha Pi Mu requirements:
1) Completion of at least 90 units of college credit (i.e. Junior or Senior standing) with at least 45 units completed at Cal Poly Pomona.
2a) Juniors must be in the top fifth of their class based on all their GPA for all college work.
2b) Seniors must be in the top third of their class based on their GPA for all college work.
3) A minimum GPA of 3.0 for all college work (at Cal Poly Pomona and transferred grades).
4) Significant progress on upper division courses in major (IE or MFE; 12 units or more)

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