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General Question & Answer

How can I find out more about what a planner is or what it’s like to be a planner?

Go to the APA website and look under the “Jobs and Practice” tab. Here you can find tons of information about being a planner, such as:

  • Salary surveys (current salary rates for different types of planners)

  • Career development (what planners do, what skills they need, where they work, areas planners can specialize in, a typical day for a planner, landing a planning job, associated careers, etc.)

  • You can even sign up to have a professional planner be your mentor!

Another great website to check out is the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


What is the APA Conference Student Poster submission all about?

The annual APA Conference is held in a new location each year somewhere in the United States, generally in Spring Quarter. At this conference, students have the opportunity to participate in the “student poster session”, where their posters will be displayed and they will have a chance to present it to conference attendees. You can do a poster submission as a group.

Proposals must include three key learning objectives, and a description of your poster project. Descriptions must be between 100 and 300 words. Please send your full contact information, including APA ID number with your proposal. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once we receive your proposal.

Proposals for 2008 were due Oct 20. To find out more information go to, events, national conference.


What’s the Senior Project all about?

This is a final project that URP undergraduate students work on to apply the skills they have learned throughout the URP program. It can also be used to develop a project that will showcase your skills to future potential employers. The student can pick his/her own topic. Students can work in groups but the work must then be proportionally more substantial. It is generally a research project or a design project with supporting research.

The project lasts two quarters. Each quarter the project is worth 2 units. The total project is worth 4 units. The fact that the project is 2 units per quarter should put it into perspective. Some students get stressed about the project but if you work steadily on it and do not leave it until the last minute, you do not need to worry. You must do a presentation of your project at the end of each quarter. It is an informal presentation. This is not meant to downplay the project, but you should also not freak out about it. Just do a good job and be professional.

In order to prepare for the senior project, pay attention to planning topics or issues that interest you, or to topics that may be valuable to the particular job you would like to have, if you have something in mind. Keep track of things you are curious of  and want to find out more about. You will be required to have a proposal for your project before the first day of class for the senior project. The form for this proposal is available at or go to, Current Students, Forms and Guides, Undergraduate Files and Forms.


What is Studio 6 and where is it?

Studio 6 is on the sixth floor of Building 98, C6-13 (the classroom building attached to the CLA Building). Here you can rent out technological equipment such as cameras, camcorders, and sound recording equipment. You can also get free tutoring on how to use the computer or media software programs like Photoshop or website design software, and you can get help with online classes. The support staff there are paid to help you, and they are very patient and knowledgeable. Take advantage of this great service!


How can I get stress relief from my classes?

Here are some tips from other students, and some campus resources to try:

  • Talk to another student who seems to be doing well and get advice from him/her.
  • See your professor during office hours to discuss any difficulties. Even if you professor seems intimidating in class, he/she will probably be very helpful in person. URP faculty are notorious for being kind and caring.
  • If you still need help, talk to another professor, or see the URP Department Chair (currently this is Dr. Mitchell).
  • Check out the poster in the URP lounge, “101 ways to reduce stress”?.
  • The Health Services Center (right next to Building 7) offers free workshops on Stress Management.
  • If you are having trouble regarding groups, do some internet research on what makes a good leader, or how to work successfully in a group.
  • If you are having trouble with a fellow student, communicate to him or her about the problem. If you communicate as a friend, it is likely to go better.


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