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General Scholarship ($500)

These scholarships are generally awarded to entering and/or continuing full time students on the basis of academic merit, leadership, talent and community service. Financial need is a criterion for some but not all scholarships. All academic majors are considered. General scholarships require a minimum GPA of 3.0 and full-time enrollment. Application available Nov-Feb, Deadline to apply Feb 15. Check site to confirm deadlines.

Presidents Scholarship ($2,500)

Oen to students with 3.5+ GPA (3.7 for Master’s students). Award based on merit, not financial need. Significant contributions to university and community activities. Deadline to apply Feb 15. Check site for further details.

Financial Aid and Miscellaneous Opportunities


Free application for federal student aid and Cal Grant. Deadline March 2.

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High School Scholarships

Currently Suspended until Further Notice
The American Planning Student Association has partnered with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Cal Poly Pomona, California Chapter of American Planning Association, and California Planning Foudation in starting a pilot program for high school students entering a planning program. 

APSA understands and values the benefits of exposing high school students to this wonderful profession.  We hope by starting this program Planning will be a top profession among high school students.

Urban Planning High School Scholarship
Cover:             UPHSS-Cover

Guidelines:    UPHSS-Guidelines
Application:    UPHSS-Application

Urban Planning High School Scholarship-Diversity
Cover:   UPHSS%20Diversity-Cover
Guidelines:   UPHSS-Diversity%20Guidelines
Application:   UPHSS-Diversity%20Application