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The augmented reality tour was researched and created by Cal Poly Pomona history students. These students were participants in History 391s, Public History, taught in Fall 2012 by Dr. Eileen Wallis, and History 499, Digital History, taught in Winter 2013 by Dr. Anne Wohlcke.

The project took over a year of work, including research, writing, and technical work. Students and faculty integrated photos, videos, text and audio files about 50 different points of interest on campus.

Content Developers

  • David Baeza (Assistant to Professor Wohlcke)
  • Laurie Graham
  • Jennifer Henley
  • Kenny Hertwig
  • Jessica Huerta
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Katelyn Lovejoy
  • David Shields
  • Luis Urena
  • Erika Velazquez
  • Ashley Villagran
  • James Wells
  • Alexander Inshishian


  • Randy Aitken
  • Silvia Cheng
  • Stephany Esqueda
  • Demarco Garcia
  • Elise Hicks
  • Moriah Saldana
  • Michael Santos
  • Erika Velazquez


  • John David Wallis


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Herbert H. Reese, The Kellogg Arabians: Their Background and Influence (Alhambra: Borden Publishing Company, 1958).

Donald H. Pflueger, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona A Legacy and a Mission, 1938-1989, (Spokane WA: Arthur H Clark Co, 1999).

Special Collections at the University Library, Cal Poly Pomona