Michael Fox

Assistant Professor

B.Arch., University of Oregon
S.M.ArchS., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Email: michaelfox (at) cpp (dot) edu
Voice: 909.869.6904

Michael Fox has a professional Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) from the University of Oregon and a post-professional Master of Science in Architectural Studies (S.March.S) from MIT. He has 8 years of teaching experience in all levels of design studio and lecture classes at Cal Poly Pomona. He has been a member of the International Studies Advisory Board and a past member and Chair of the Department of Architecture External Communications Committee. Associate Professor Fox teaches design and lecture courses on construction methods and materials.  His research is in interactive architecture, specifically in biomimetic strategies for design and space architecture. Associate Professor Fox's work has been featured in international periodicals and books, and has been exhibited worldwide. He is the author of Interactive Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009). He is LEED accredited and is a principal in FoxLin Inc., a multidisciplinary design firm; their projects have an emphasis in interactivity and sustainability. He is the design principal in charge of numerous international projects in China, Israel and Nigeria. His experience with design-build projects and his construction license provides a background for the required construction courses he teaches. His research in biomimetic strategies for design and space architecture forms the basis for his Topic studios and electives.

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