Professor George Proctor, Associate Professor Axel Schmitzberger and Assistant Professor Juintow Lin recently obtained a grant for digitally enhanced education. Second year architecture students are the beneficiaries, as their software training course has been moved to Blackboard and coupled with the Lynda.com video training library.
Thus far students seem to appreciate having perpetual access (24/7) to video instruction for all software used in the college of ENV.


Associate Professor Sarah Lorenzen and Professor George Proctor recently obtained a $60K grant from a private donor to upgrade ARC454. Students will build interfaces for Apple portable devices to support their portfolio and research topics. In addition to authoring in the portable device format, the class will invest the time to publish its work as e-books on the iTunes/iBooks/Apple App store. The course will be open to 4th year undergraduate and 3rd year graduate students. We anticipate the course will cultivate a cadre of student and faculty expertise for developing portable device projects during a Phase Two.


Associate Professor Sarah Lorenzen has been invited to lecture at the Centro para la Cultura Arquitectonica y Urbana (CCAU) in Guadalajara, Mexico on March 21, 2013. She will also be speaking at the Palm Springs Symposium "The Public and the Modern House" on February 23, 2013.


Associate Professor Luis Hoyos leads a seminar entitled "The American Latino Heritage Initiative and the Search for Historic Sites in California". The National Park Service has requested the assistance of the Cal Poly Architecture seminar students in the documentation of the Chavez House (pictured). Student teams will prepared measured drawings and photo-document the building and surrounding landscape for use by NPS as an initial assessment of the conditions of the site with a view towards its preservation for historic interpretation.


Faculty member Alex Pang has been selected as DesignIntelligence 30 Most Admired Educators for 2013.  DesignIntelligence writes:  “Pang uses an exploration technique that brings students into highly relevant conversations. His phenomenal knowledge of theory and history will serve the future of the design professions well. He encourages students to become genuine talents and offers up constantly refreshing insight while respecting all in the world of education and practice.”


Professor Pablo La Roche's article “Cooling Concepts: Alternatives to Air Conditioning for a Warm World” has been published this month in the peer reviewed journal “Environmental Health Perspectives.” His presentation on green roofs at the TEERM 2012 NASA conference can be found at: teerm.nasa.gov/workshop.htm. In November Prof La Roche travelled to Peru to present: “Smart Green Roofs, Cooling with Variable Insulation”, “A Column of Time: an ecological Tower for Taichung Taiwan” and “Learning from the Past Environmental aspects of the traditional architecture of Arequipa, Peru” in the Annual Conference of the Passive Low Energy Association PLEA and he gave a lecture on “Towards a High performance Design Process” at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. La Roche also presented papers last fall at the Design Futures Council Leadership Summit in Sustainable Design in Portland, at the School of Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II, and at the conference: Ports as Hotspots of Creative and Sustainable Development in Naples.


Professor Gary McGavin has been elected as President of the AIA Inland California Chapter (AIAIC) in October, 2012


Professor Luis Hoyos was invited by the White House to attend the Cesar Chavez National Park dedication on October 8th, 2012 as Co-chair of the National Park Service Latino Heritage Initiative.


Professor Hofu Wu has increased the Taiwan International Exchange Program to now include both NTUST and Chao Yang University with our previous quarterly exchange, plus a new year-long student exchange with Tamkang University starting next fall.  In addition, The Taiwan Exchange Program has received a special scholarship Grant ($6,000) from AA/ae (Asian American Architects and Engineers (September, 2012)


Associate Professor Axel Schmitzberger with Professor Michael Gershfeld has received $24,000 from PCI (Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute) for a joint AE studio in September, 2012.


Associate Professor Michael Fox has received a $30,000 grant from NASA as part of the X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge on October 22nd, 2012. The project entitled "Habitation and Fabrication studies for Deep Space Missions." will be carried out by students with Assistant Professor Juintow Lin and Professor Gary McGavin. Prof. Fox was the lead Editor for the recent issue of IJAC (International Journal of Architectural Computing) August / September 2012 Issue entitled: "Architectural Robotics: Catalyzing New Design Opportunities."


Faculty member Orhan Ayyuce was recently named to the board of the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design.









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