Cal Poly Pomona, led by Architecture Department Assoc. Professor Michael Fox, has been awarded a prestigious grant from the 2013 Exploration Habitat Academic Innovation Challenge led by NASA! The CPP project examines Vertical Habitability Layout and Fabrication Studies. "The agency benefits from the fresh and innovative perspective of these university teams, and they learn about deep space human exploration and the systems engineering approach from an experienced NASA team." said Jason Crusan, NASA's AES Program manager at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

The project is halfway through a yearlong effort where the students have designed and are now building a mock-up at full scale of a habitat for deep-space missions. In a deep space mission, unlike the International Space Station (ISS) the habitats have no opportunity for resupply. The habitat has to be designed as an absolute ecosystem that also has the ability to manufacture and repair anything on the fly.

The strengths of the CPP team which also has involvement with Professor Gary McGavin and Assistant Professor Juintow Lin, focus on the digital fabrication aspects as well as the BIM approach to design with parametrically-derived volumes, internal layout, etc).

Three architecture students in the course led by Fox have also been awarded internships at NASA JPL on a special project to design a workstation of the future for astronauts. They will manufacture, assemble and test their systems and concepts in cooperation with the NASA Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) Program's Habitation Systems Project team at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in the Spring with the rest of the class.







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