Cal Poly Pomona


Ray Kampf, Assistant Professor
M.F.A. Communication Arts & Design (GD)

With a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania, Ray Kampf thwarted a career in themed entertainment design in Miami and Orlando Florida. He has done design work for Universal Studios Florida (Men In Black Attraction), Paramount Studios Theme Parks and was the creative director for Café Tu Tu Tango building restaurants in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Ontario Canada.

His concentration of Thematic Environments and Experiential design lead to a teaching position at the Disney Institute, instructing classes in Disney Architecture, Imagineering and Faux Finishing.

Ray then graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond with an MFA in Communication Design. He has since taught at VCU and Southwest Minnesota State University previous to coming to Cal Poly.

He considers himself a Communication Designer allowing him to concentrate on what the message is, and the best way to convey it. Although Ray mostly relies on the tools of the Graphic Designer, he often finds myself needing to learn aspects of communication that are not always visual. His art takes him into realms of audio, theatrical and kinetic design. Ray could have only achieved this by knowing about typography and print publication, in addition to sculpture, literature and not being afraid to take on new challenges.