Cal Poly Pomona


Sarah Meyer, Associate Professor
M.F.A. Communication Arts & Design (GD)

Sarah Meyer has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, The University of Utah, California State University Fullerton, and has been a visiting professor of visual communications at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar where she has taught a range from motion and web to print. Currently she is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at California State Polytechnic University Pomona.

Her design work has been exhibited in numerous publications including Working with Computer Type 3: Color (Switzerland/UK: RotoVision, 1997) and United Designs (Korea: Hanyang University, 2004) and received awards of excellence from design associations including The Society of Technical Communications and The Art Directors Club. Her design work is in the permanent collection of the Walker Gallery, University of Nebraska at Kearny and the Hanyang University of Korea Gallery of Art.

Her design writing has been published in the Design Management Journal, The Process of Management within a Creative Environment (Boston: The Design Management Institute, Design Management Institute Press, 2000) and Revival of the Fittest by Roy McKelvey and Phil Meggs (New York: ATC Publishers, 2000).

She is co-editor for the book series Design Education in Progress: Process and Methodology (Richmond: Center for Design Studies) and Design Behaviors (Kyunggido: Design Research and Education Lab).

She is co-author of Color Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers (Switzerland/UK: RotoVision, 2005) Farb Management: Das Handbuch fur Grafikdesigner (Munchen: Stiebner Verlag GmbH, 2005), La Gestion de la Couleur: Guide Exhaustif a l'Usage des Graphistes (Paris: Pyramyd NTCV, 2006), and Color Management for Logos: Creating Eye-catching Color Palettes (Switzerland: RotoVision, 2006). Her current book, Color Management for Packaging was published in 2008. Each of these books have been co-editioned in seven languages and distributed worldwide.

In recognition of her color research, she was an invited guest speaker to ICOGRADA (the International Council of Graphic Design Association) and IDA (the International Design Alliance) which are the governing bodies for AIGA and the like, at Design Week in Daegu, Korea 2008.

Her student work has been exhibited in United Designs: Graphic Design Practice and Education, Poetry in Motion (Korea: Masthead Publisher, 2005), Rituals (Qatar: Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, 2005), Motion Design: Moving Graphics for Television, Music Video, Cinema, and Digital Interfaces by Matt Woolman (Switzerland/UK: RotoVision SA, 2004), Design Education in Progress: Type and Image, Visual Thinking (Richmond: Center for Design Studies, 2003, 2001), Color Management (Switzerland/UK: RotoVision, 2006, 2005), and the Journal for the Hanyang International Design Conference, Identity Systems (Korea: Hanyang University, 2003).

She has partnered with John T Drew, Professor of Graphic Design at California State University Fullerton, to research typographic legibility. The research has undergone scientific peer panel review at the University of Utah and has been patented by the United States Patent Office. This research has been used by the Ministry of Transportation of Korea to develop new signage systems and Meadow River Enterprises to restructure the United States National Park signage system. She is co-creator of Acuity 1.0, a software program for determining the distance at which letterforms and simple symbols can be seen in any color combination.

She is a member of American Institute of Graphic Arts, College Arts Association, the Guild of Book Workers, and an honorary member of the Korean Brand Identity Association for her efforts in design research and teaching pedagogy.

Personal interests relate to all things "design," including the fields of printing, color theory, typography, book arts, poster design, art, and architecture.