Cal Poly Pomona

Window to the West

Dates: January 12 - February 20, 2010

Window to the West features a selection of paintings from the Don Huntley Collection of Western Art.  A 1960 animal husbandry alumnus, Don Huntley is a successful businessman, avid collector of contemporary Western Art, and a passionate supporter of Cal Poly Pomona and its polytechnic mission.  Over the years, Mr. Huntley has generously donated a number of his oil on canvas paintings to the University.  A selection of these works is on display for the enjoyment and contemplation of the campus and community. 

Window to the West showcases work by many of the nation’s leading and rising contemporary Western artists: Roy Anderson, Bill Anton, Bruce Cheever, Brent Cotton, Kelly Donovan, Larry Dyke, Lori Forest, Matthew Hiller, Bonnie Marris, Buck McCain, Nicholas Coleman, Ralph Oberg, Roger Ore, Robert Peters, Clark Kelley Price, Donald “Putt” Putman, Kyle Sims, Richard D. Thomas, Curt Walters, Jeffrey Watts, and David Yorke.  Several of these artists are participants in the Autry National Center of the American West’s prestigious annual Masters of the American West Exhibition.  Many have been featured in publications such as Art of the West, Southwest Art, and Western Art Collector.  In style and subject matter, these contemporary artists carry forward the tradition of 19th and early 20th century masters, such as Albert Bierstadt, Frank Tenney Johnson, Charles Marion Russell, and Carl Rungius.

An important part of our national and cultural heritage, the American West, its landscape, wildlife, peoples, history, and mythology, continues to capture the imagination and attract artistic and scholarly attention. This exhibition presents classic Western subject matter ranging from grand vistas of pristine wilderness and striking wildlife portraits, to iconic figures and dramatic genera scenes.  Lushly painted visions entice the eye and captivate the senses, offering the viewer a rich opportunity to contemplate an American West inspired by the echoes of history, the realities of the present, the persistence of tradition, and the romance of legend.