Cal Poly Pomona


Dates: November 9 - December 11, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, November 13, 2010, 5-9pm

Curated by John O'Brien, Criss-crossing is a group exhibition that explores collaboration in art making. This exhibition focuses on LA – based artists who overtly collaborate with other peers, be they artists, writers, or people from other fields.

Criss-crossing acknowledges the multiplicity of identities
which converge in art making today. Whether it is within the context
of an academic environment such as an MFA graduate program, a loose
confederacy of emerging artists such as an artist-organized
exhibition program, or in the extended studio practice such as an
established artist who jobs parts of their overall production out to
peers and friends; the art world is increasingly an interdependent
and collaborative universe where the criss-crossing of boundaries
regarding the ideation and fabrication of art is a constant. While
the art market still depends upon putting the names of single
individuals on the marquee, this exhibition celebrates the ways in
which multiple strands of art making, art thinking and art speaking
wind together in an output of collaborative synergies.

This is a particularly significant exhibition to hold at this site since the
Kellogg University Art Gallery was directed for so many years by
Patrick Merrill, an artist and curator who brought to the foreground, the
collaborative spirit and interpersonal practice of the arts today.

Exhibiting artists:

Carole Kim: in collaboration with Paul Outlaw

Multipoint US (Linda Parnell, Pam
April Durham)

Vincent Johnson: in collaboration with Jill Poyourow

Mona Kasra: in collaboration with Gabriel Dawe

Laura Cooper and Laura Paddock

John OBrien: in collaboration with Molly Bendall

Cielo Pessione: in collaboration with Pierluigi Cappello

Nancy Popp: in collaboration with Denise Spampinato

Joe Santarromana: in collaboration with Jon 9 and Agent X-Ray

Ehren Tool: in collaboration with Daniel Molyneux