American Society of Civil Engineers

About Us

The American Society of Civil Engineers was founded in 1852 as an engineering society that encompassed many fields of engineering. Many other disciplines later formed their own societies further defining ASCE as a society specific to those who practice civil engineering.

The professional organization currently represents more than 123,000 professional and student members. Here at Cal Poly Pomona, we are proud of our affiliated club and hope to encourage civil engineering students to remain integrated in the society and to benefit from the association and experience of those professionals who have been practicing civil engineering long before us.

 The Cal Poly Pomona ASCE helps students by providing essential value to our members and partners by opening up opportunities for networking, socializing, and professional growth. ASCE Student Organization participation instills a commitment by providing a link between practice and education. In addition, the organization allows students to socialize with professors in an out-of-classroom setting which is an important aspect of student development.


                                    Cal Poly Pomona ASCE Students and Faculty after winning awards/trophys at PSWC 2012.


Cal Poly Pomona's ASCE Student Chapter is a non-profit organization. We accept donations from both companies and individuals. To donate and receive a tax deduction, please send an email to  → Dominic Stone.

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