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                                                                                                                     American Society of Civil Engineers

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Name Position Email
Alan Huynh
President akhuynh@csupomona.edu
Christine Zheng
Vice President Internal christinez@csupomona.edu
Chandni Patel
Vice President External cdpatel@csupomona.edu
Jacob Johnson Secretary jacobjohnson@csupomona.edu
Adrian Rodriguez
Treasurer prodriguez@csupomona.edu
Dominic Stone
External Fundraising Chair dstone@csupomona.edu
Erin Westgate
Development Chair eswestgate@csupomona.edu
Christine Fisher
Conference Chair cefisher@csupomona.edu
Jenna Dwyer
Conference Chair jmdwyer@csupomona.edu
Eric Aubry
Community Service Chair ejaubry@csupomona.edu
Steven Taylor
Community Service Chair sataylor@csupomona.edu
Kalvin Lam
Membership Chair kklam@csupomona.edu
Michael Phillips
Activities Chair mdphillips@csupomona.edu
Natalie La
Engineering Council Representative nwla@csupomona.edu
Not Available
Webmaster christinez@csupomona.edu


Cal Poly Pomona's ASCE Student Chapter is a non-profit organization. We accept donations from both companies and individuals. To donate and receive a tax deduction, please send an email to  → Dominic Stone.

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