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Charge of the Committee

The Student Affairs Divisional Assessment Committee (SADAC) continuously improves programs and services for our students by coordinating division-wide assessment strategies, providing training opportunities to divisional leaders on assessment best practices, and serving as a resource to departments for their assessment efforts.

Goals of the Committee

SADAC strives to meet the needs of students and staff in the Division of Student Affairs and be a leader for the campus community in the area of assessment. As such, the committee for 2010-2011 will:

  1. Create an assessment tool to measure student assistant employee learning outcomes and the effectiveness of student assistants in each department within the division.
  2. Develop a user-friendly website which provides useful information regarding assessment.
  3. Review our current "Phantom Shopper" satisfaction model to include research on best practices in other similar programs and make appropriate changes as necessary.
  4. Participate in training workshops and conferences to enhance Student Affairs member assessment knowledge.
  5. Provide ideas for future assessment directions for the committee and the Division.

SADAC Members

Dr. Cathy Schmitt-Whitaker 
Committee Chair
Disability Resource Center

Dr. Monique Allard
Executive Director
Student Support & Equity Programs

Dr. Gently Ang
Learning Disability & Mental Health Specialist
Disability Resource Center

Susan Ashe
Disability Resource Center

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