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Assessment Committee to Provide Year-long Training Program

This program is designed to promote a team approach to assessment.  Assessment works best as a collaborative effort within your deparment or in collaboration with another department and should not be left to just one person assigned to do all of the assessment tasks.  Assessment should drive the creation of new programs and be a part of the overall department program activites.  SADAC has structured this training to be inclusive of team members new to assessment as well as team members proficient in assessment.

To achieve our goals, the chairperson of the SADAC committee has worked with the Student Affairs Divsional Cabinet to develop the following guidelines for this training program:

  1. Each department shall identify one member to be your department liaison to the SADAC committee.
     Note that the liaison does not have to be an assessment guru.  All the liaison needs to have is:
    • An interest in learning more about assessment
    • Ability  and willingness to promote assessment principles within the department
    • Desire to work with a team to perform assessment activities within the department.
  2. Committment to attend the assessment training sessions is important.  While all involved in assessment from your department are encouraged to attend, at least one person from your department is expected to be present at each session.
  3. Promotion of assessment in your department.  Those who attend assessment training are expected to share the information with the remainder of their department so that assessment becomes the driving force behind creating new student programs/services or selecting which programs to continue offering in times of budgetary challenges.

Below is a list of session topics, dates, time, and locations. 

All sessions are from 2:00pm - 3:30pm in the Library Special Events Room on the 4th floor.

Enroll me in the Introductory Session: Dec. 13, 2012 - Setting up for Assessment Success & Creating a Strong Learning Outcome (Active on Nov 7th)