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Campus Labs

StudentVoice becomes CampusLabs
StudentVoice has joined with CampusLabs to become part of a multi-service offering to create a comprehensive approach to planning and assessment in Student Affairs.

Getting Started on Your Assessment with Student Voice

The SADAC Assessment committee has developed procedures for obtaining access to Student Voice. This also includes 3-Easy Steps to start your assessment project. Please scroll down on this page to learn more.

What is Campus Labs? (Previously Student Voice)

CampusLabs is an assessment platform meant to connect and to translate data into information that can be used to enhance the student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Cal Poly Pomona has a membership with Campus Labs through the Division of Student Affairs, which allows members in the Division to assess out-of-the-classroom student experiences, and organize and evaluate involvement opportunities.

Campus Labs allows users to:

  • Create or enhance student affairs assessment programs
  • Collect data using web-based and mobile technology
  • Conduct direct and indirect outcomes assessments
  • Analyze data and create assessment reports
  • Benchmark with peer campuses and share best practices

Many Cal Poly Pomona staff in the Division of Student Affairs work with Campus Lavs staff. Campus Labs staff help:

  • Improve the wording of web-based surveys
  • Provide guidance on assessment development
  • Share information about assessment projects on other campuses

Obtaining Campus Labs Access

  • To start using Campus Labs, first ask for a StudentVoice login. 
  • Have your Director email Dr. Cathy Schmitt-Whitaker at to request a login.
  • The request should include:
    • Email subject Line Title: Campus Labs Log-in Request
    • Employee name
    • Department
    • Employee’s CSU email
    • Permission level requested (project access only or department access)
  • Once approved, Campus Labs will email the employee their username and password

Assessment Project Request Procedures

To create an assessment project, follow these easy steps!

  1. Who are you surveying?
    • If you are surveying a limited group (such as, only students in your department), seek approval from your Director or supervisor
    • If you are surveying several campus groups, seek approval from your AVP
  2. When seeking approval for an assessment project, include the following:
    • Name of project
    • Purpose of project
    • Population to be surveyed
    • Start/End date of project 
    • Survey questions (samples or actual)
    • NOTE: Internal project approval time may vary, plan accordingly
  3. Once your Director, supervisor, or AVP has given you approval, request your project through Campus Labs. 
    • Follow the directions on Campus Labs to request your project.
    • Setting up a project on Campus Labs takes a minimum of three business days, and often takes longer.  Plan accordingly.

Additional Information:

  • If a Campus Labs assessment project includes the use of iPod Touches, they can be checked out from Cathy Schmitt-Whitaker, SADAC Chair. 
    • SADAC owns 10 iPod Touches.  If you plan to use iPods as data collection devices for your survey, check with Cathy about availability.
    • iPod Touches are accessible devices.
    • SADAC will provide you with instructions to use the accessibility features on the iPods.
  • Questions about Campus Labs? Contact: 
    • SADAC Chair, Dr. Cathy Schmitt-Whitaker at x5257 / 
    • Campus Labs, ask for Celinda, Alison, or Annemieke at (716) 652-9400.

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