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Campus Lab Completes Changes to Baseline Website

Login page updates

  • The user name and password sign-in boxes are no longer in the top header bar
  • They are now in the body of the web page in the upper right side of the screen under the title “Member Sign In”

Baseline home page updates

  • Once logged into the site, you no longer have to click “Baseline” in the top bar to access your projects
  • The tabs are now located all in one bar across the page.
  • The tabs in this top bar include the following: Home, Community, Projects, Rubrics, and Benchmarks

Home tab updates

  • The information located in the Welcome and Contact us sub-tabs is now located in the body the the Home page
  • In the home page you have access to the “Quick Links” to request a new project and view your full project list, contact information for Campus Labs, and recently shared projects
  • The performance indicator and Documents tabs which were previously listed under “Get Started” are also on the home page in buttons in the upper left side of the screen

Community tab updates

  • The sub tabs for Shared Projects and Resource Centers are located just slightly below their previous locations.