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How To...

How To...


There are many ways and levels by which to assess any program.  SADAC realizes that individuals looking to this website will vary widely in their assessment expertise.  Therefore over time, information will be posted to provide detailed discussions on the basics of assessment for those getting started, as well as more advanced techniques that are available as individuals become more confident in their ability to perform more advanced techniques for assessment.

The information presented here has been developed by various members of the  SADAC committee as well as members from throughout the Division of Student Affairs.  For assessment guidance outside of the division, please refer to the Resources and Student Voice sections of this website.

Assessment Learning e-Communities

SADAC members realize that within the Division of Student Affairs, individual levels of assessment involvement and knowlege is diverse.  This diversity is also reflected by the membership of SADAC.  Therefore, when providing How To.. resources, a suggestion was made to present information at three distinct levels utilizing the concept of Assessment Learning e-communities. 

More information about Assessment Learning e-Communities will be available during the Fall 2010 Quarter as the committee works out the details.  Please check back frequently.