Research: Astronomy Camp
Students working at Astronomy Camp will assist the Director and other camp staff in supervising all camp programs. Because Astronomy camps start in June, selected students would travel to Tucson during the school year for training. After camps end in early July, students would either work with the camp Director, Dr. Don McCarthy on projects in support of future camps, or with the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter staff on their education and public outreach programs.

Astronomy Camp offers campers an opportunity to experience the universe in a new and exciting way. Teenage students gain a cosmic perspective of the earth and themselves. We examine career alternatives and reinforce school lessons through real scientific and engineering applications and investigations. With the wide range of topics incorporated into the Astronomy Camp curriculum, its much more of a science camp than purely star gazing. Adults escape from regular routines of daily life freeing them wonder and seek answers to a lifetime of questions. Every camper is able to Reach for the Stars! To learn more about Astronomy Camp, visit their webpage at

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