Background and History

The Solar Boat club (previously called Alternative Vehicle Club) stemmed from another Cal Poly Pomona organization called CaPSET. CaPSET was Cal Poly's solar car team, and it was active from 1989 to 1995. Since then, Cal Poly has not competed in any solar car races to this day. The faculty and students however, still recognized the importance of alternative vehicles and green design. As a result, the Alternative Vehicle Club was formed. Since its chartering in 1997, the Solar Boat Club has built many alternative vehicles, including electric cars, hybrid cars, and solar boats.

In 2001, the Solar Boat team entered the Solar Splash for the first time. Since then, the Solar Boat club has consistently entered the Solar Splash, creating new boats, and modifying old ones every year.

In 2004, the Solar Boat club's faculty and members started working with the Metropolitan Water District in order to organize the first Solar Cup. The Solar Cup is a solar boat competition for high school students. Solar Boat Club members acted as technical inspectors and advisors for the MWD Solar Cup until 2009 and still help high school students whenever they ask for help.

In addition, the Solar Boat Club is also an active member of Cal Poly Pomona's Engineering Council, receiving the council's "Club of the Quarter" award several times. The club also participates in the National Engineering Week, Earth Day, and other various activities around the campus every year.

Over the years, the club has gone through many changes and projects. But despite these changes, and no matter what projects the the club works on, it still stays true to its original mission to give its members an opportunity to learn and grow as engineers, and to help promote the development of alternative vehicles such as solar boats.

Our Goals

The purpose of the Solar Boat Club is to provide students with an opportunity to work as a part of an engineering team that designs, builds, and tests vehicles that use alternative sources of fuel.

The SB Club is both a team structured and an interest based structured program where students and visitors are encouraged to utilize new imaginative or traditionally practical engineering skills and knowledge. We hope to publicize and encourage a more environmentally sound mind frame amongst engineers, consumers and marketers. All majors are welcomed to help or share interests, we hope to bring you an informative and educational perspective to the hands tradition of Cal Poly. The SB club's history has not been a long one, but from my experience, we are a team that always comes together and gets things done. The experience is exciting, the skills and knowledge gained invaluable, and this truly is what engineering is all about.