Bruce Brown, Economics, Cal Poly Pomona

Bruce Brown, Economics Cal Poly Pomona

Bruce Brown

Professor and Department Chair - Economics
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Office:        Building 1; Room 339
Phone:        (909) 869-5074
            (909) 869-6987
Post:           Economics Department; California State Polytechnic University
                    3801 West Temple Ave., Pomona CA 91768 USA

Office Hours

Will be in office (1-339) Wed 12/17 9-11 AM; not available 1/5/15 - 1/7/15

Grad Students - Professor Lange has created an excellent resource everyone should use:


Aggregation and Airline on-Time Performance (to be presented at the Eastern Economics Association Conference, February 2015, New York)

Airline Ticket Prices and Flight Characteristics: Lowest Price Roundtrip Flights from Los Angeles to New York (Presented at the 89th annual WEAI Conference, June 30, 2014, Denver CO)

Contrasting Notions of Labor Substitutability (presented at the 87th annual WEAI Conference, July 2, 2012, San Francisco CA)

Credit Rationing and Sticky Interest Rates (86th annual WEAI Conference, July 1, 2011)

Engaging a Diverse Set of Students in Healthcare Economics (poster presentation, Jan 8, 2011 at the AEA annual conference in Denver CO)

Use of Visual Aids in Teaching Economics



An Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions, M.E. Shape, 2010 with Maureen Burton and Reynold Nesiba.

The Financial System and the Economy, Principles of Money and Banking, M.E. Sharpe, 2009, with Maureen Burton.

Lessons From the Japanese Healthcare Experience; (Fall 2004)

Wages and Employment in the U.S. Apparel Industry; (October 2001)

Japanese in the California Labor Market; (March 2000)

The Changing American Perspective of Japan: Revisionist and Chrysanthemum Club Views as seen Through the Lens of Japan - A Reinterpretation; (January 2000)

Wages of Japanese Americans - An Analysis Using 1990 Census Data; (September 1999)

U.S. Gives Opposite Advice to Japan and Its Neighbors; (May 1998)

Unskilled Immigration and Native Wages; Ph.D. Dissertation (1997)