Waiver of Residency

Waiver of Residency guidelines (pdf; 2 pages; 11 KB)

The waiver of residency allows a student to graduate without being registered for any units, and therefore without paying any fees in the quarter they are graduating.

The waiver of residency is for unusual circumstances in which a student has completed all degree requirements, but is unable to graduate until a subsequent term. Waiver of residency should be approved only in situations where students have completed all substantive degree requirements (e.g. research, thesis, project, defense of thesis, comprehensive exams, any culminating experience) while registered for appropriate graduate units, but graduation must be delayed until a subsequent term. The waiver should only be approved if completion of the remaining degree requirements will place only minor demands on faculty time or university resources.

The Waiver of Residency is requested using the Graduate Academic Petition, which is available at the University Graduate Studies Office forms page.

Complete the Graduate Academic Petition form (pdf; 1 page, 57 KB) according to the Waiver of Residency guidelines (pdf; 2 pages; 11 KB).

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