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Cal Poly Pomona

The circle represents the orb of the sun, the cycles of nature, a single drop of water, but more directly, the field of a microscope, a scientist’s view of seldom-seen parts of the biological world. Appearing in it is perhaps the midrib of a leaf or feather, or branches of a tree, muscles of a fish, or a river and its tributaries. The s-curve of the midline also mirrors the curved glass walls of Building 4, which houses the Rain Bird Aquatic Biology Learning Center, and the streamcourse of the Rain Bird Ethnobotany Garden.

The logotype is made of simple shapes, to harmonize with each of the diverse shapes of the natural world. Its top line and the variety of the letters model the multi-level canopy of the rainforest, or at smaller scale the canopy of California scrub. The descending angle of the “k” also suggests the pitch of the greenhouse roof.


The graphic identity of BioTrek, including the logo and logotype, were designed by Gunnar Swanson of Gunnar Swanson Design Office in Ventura, California.


stream and pond


curved side of Bldg 4


BioTrek greenhouse from Bldg 4