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Cal Poly Pomona

Baja California Garden

If you were to set out from Pomona, California to walk to the tropics, the fastest route would take you through Baja California, where, south of La Paz, you would reach a large concrete marker at the Tropic of Cancer. (Further south, you’d reach the end of the peninsula, and have to take a boat to go further.)

In Baja California, and adjacent mainland Mexico, the deserts expand to reach the ocean, and then further south they are replaced by tropical thorn scrub. Many of our desert plants have their evolutionary origins in these dry tropical forests.

This garden, with its plants of Baja California and other parts of Mexico, provides a floristic and visual connection to the Rain Bird Rainforest Learning Center.


Baja California Garden in the foreground, Desert Garden in the background, and entrance to the Rainforest Learning Center on the right


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