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Basic Latex for Cal Poly Pomona Graduate Students

The majority of graduate students in the math department are planning on writing a thesis. One choice is to use Microsoft Word (yuck!). The other choice is to use Latex (hurray!). To encourage more students to use Latex, we have a few resources here:

A Sample Thesis File

Many thanks to Tzevetlin Petrov for writing a thesis class. To use this class, first download the following two files: Rename the cppSampleThesis.tex file with whatever name you want. Save both files to the SAME folder. Then use your Latex program of choice (in our computer lab, your choices are WinEdt for Windows or TexShop for Macs) to open the cppSampleThesis.tex file. Follow the instructions written in the file.

Notes from the Latex class of Fall 2008

My office hours for Fall 2008 are