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Practice for the MDPT Math Analysis

The link below takes you to a login screen for an online practice test for the Math Analysis MDPT (we currently have no online practice for the Pre-Calculus MDPT). To log in, use the username student1 and password student1. If somebody is already using that username, try the username student2 with password student2, and so on.

The practice test

The practice exam is shorter than the real MDPT. Each time you take the practice test, you will get different problems. When you are doing selecting your answers, click on the button that says "Grade Test" at the bottom of the page. If you wish to print your test to study it later, you may click on the link to "Print Test" at the top of the page. By selecting "Show Solutions" when printing, you can get tips on where to study the material for each question.

It is recommended that you make a printout of your graded test, and take it to MaSH (hours listed here), the LRC, or any of the other tutoring centers on campus.

If you have any technical problems or encounter any errors with your practice test, please e-mail Berit Givens (bngivens at csupomona.edu) or Amber Rosin (arrosin at csupomona.edu).