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Hire A Student

This page is your one-stop location for information on student employment, including procedures, rules, and forms you will need to complete as a on-campus employer.

Faculty and staff can post on-campus student job opportunities through BroncoConnection, our online career management resource.

Hiring Process

The following documents must be completed PRIOR to students viewing your job postings.

First-time job postings require a position number (a funding source number from payroll). Repeat job postings have position payroll number(s) that you may use again. Check with payroll to verify the payroll number is correct and valid.

Complete the Approval for Hire Signature Form (PDF) and email a copy to or fax a copy to the Career Center at 909-869-4366. This form should be completed each fiscal year.

The position will be approved and must be posted for a minimum of 3 days.

When you decide on the student(s) you would like to interview you are now required to print out the following document for student interviewees to complete for your department (supplemental employment application). Once a candidate is chosen and the student meets the criteria for employment, the Student Employment Authorization Form (PDF) and hiring process must be completed PRIOR to the student beginning to work. The student will bring the completed form to the Career Center for a signature. The Career Center will verify the job has been posted, sign the form and send the student to Human Resources to complete hiring paperwork. The student will then bring the employer a hiring slip once the paperwork process has been completed. Upon receipt of the hiring slip the student may then begin working in the department.

Criteria for Student's Employment Eligibility

To be employed on-campus, a student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA (both Cal Poly Pomona and overall GPA) and be currently enrolled for at least 6 units (undergraduate) or 4 units (graduate) The student must be of legal status to work in California. Employers hiring the student must verify that the requirements are met at the time of hire, and at the beginning of each subsequent quarter that the student works.