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On-Campus Interview Program (OCI)

The Career Center hosts hundreds of employers yearly for a wide range of jobs and industries. The On Campus Interview Program offers students and alumni the opportunity to interview with the employers for entry-level professional and internship positions. Many of the employers who participate in the OCI Program also host Information Sessions in advance of their interview date. These presentations typically last one hour and provide valuable insight about the company, the positions they have to offer, and what they seek in candidates.


Students are required to complete a OCI Workshop and quiz prior to participating in the OCI Program. OCI Workshops are held each quarter in the Career Center. After the workshop, students are required to take a short quiz to ensure full understanding of the procedures and guidelines for OCI. The student will be granted access to the program via BroncoConnection.  Keep in mind, students must meet the established employers' specific requirements for their job opportunities. If you are unable to attend a scheduled OCI Workshop, view the OCI Orientation Presentation (PDF) and complete the OCI Quiz.

Please Note: Alumni who wish to participate in the program must have an Alumni Registration Form on file at the Career Center. Alumni are provided with one year free BroncoConnection access after graduation. Alumni who have graduated more than a year may purchase services for the OCI program. Learn more about the Alumni Services Program here.

Locating & Applying for OCI Opportunities

All OCI opportunities are listed through BroncoConnection, Cal Poly Pomona’s online job bank. To locate and apply for opportunities you must first register and post your resume on BroncoConnection. Students and alumni will also be able to research participating employers, view interview schedules, and search for Information Sessions. Complete instructions are provided in the OCI Guide (PDF)

Schedule Types

Open: Open interview schedules are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Eligible students who meet the employer's requirements may schedule an interview at the time they submit any required documents.

Pre-Select: The majority of employers choose to pre-select their candidates. Employers will post a job opportunity and require interested students to submit their resume and any other required documents, such as transcripts, applications and writing samples. Upon reviewing the information provided, the employer will invite those students they are interested in to schedule an interview.

The directions for applying for each position will be given in the job description, however, student may not apply until the drop date, or, when the resume submission period is open. All resume submissions begin at 12:00 AM on the initial date and end at 11:59 PM on the final date of the drop period.

Guidelines for the OCI Program

Cancellation Procedure: Only an emergency situation should prevent you from attending an interview. The deadline for cancelling or rescheduling your interview is 11:50 PM two days prior to the scheduled interview. If you are unable to keep your scheduled interview, you must cancel the interview via BroncoConnection. If you must cancel less than two days in advance of your scheduled interview, you will be required to contact the Career Center Recruiting Coordinator to do so. Please Note: Multiple cancellations may result in suspension of your OCI privileges.

Failure to Show: Failures to show will not be tolerated as such behavior jeopardizes the integrity of the OCI Program and may negatively influence the employer's decision to hire Cal Poly Pomona students or participate in future recruiting seasons. Should you fail to show for a scheduled interview, your OCI privileges will be suspended for one year.

Accepting Offers: Accepting and declining offers of employment should not be taken lightly. Consider offers thoroughly. Weigh the pros and cons. Do not accept an offer until you are confident about your decision. If you need more time to make your decision, thank the employer and indicate that you would like some time to consider their offer, offering to provide them with an answer in a specific amount of time of not more than one week. Remember, the Career Center's Career Counselors are available to assist you in the decision making process.

Information Sessions: Many of the employers who participate in the OCI Program host Information Sessions in advance of their interview date. These presentations typically last one hour and provide valuable insight about the company, the positions they have to offer and what they seek in candidates. Information Session schedules are posted in the Career Center, on the Career Center website and on BroncoConnection.

Interaction with Employers: Students are expected to conduct themselves with professional demeanor when interacting with employers and will be held to the Cal Poly Pomona's Code of Conduct.