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* Features
* Overview
* Implementation Documents
* Graphical Overview
* Protocol Schematic
* Authentication Design
* Hardware and Software Components
- Software Development Environment
- Naming Service Integration
- Domain Name Service (DNS) Protocol
- Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
- Post Office Protocol (POP)
- Interactive Mail Access Protocol (IMAP)
- Remote Login (Telnet) Protocol
- File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
- Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol
- Apple File Protocol
* Planning Documents
- Requirements Analysis and Recommendations
- Omega Implementation Plan (current production platform)
- Omega Implementation Budget (current production platform)
- Beta Implementation Plan (completed beta test)
- Beta Implementation Budget (completed beta test)
- Alpha Implementation Plan (retired alpha prototype)

The Intranet Development Team is engineering a fully functional prototype of a new core software infrastructure that will unify and enhance networked computing services at Cal Poly Pomona. The project covers the following services:

the Cal Poly Pomona Web
Directory Service Security Service Messaging Service Application Service File Service Database Service
Network Service

  1. Network Service--the basic communication service upon which other distributed services are built.

  2. Directory Service--the service by which information about system resources is located on demand. Resources include people, files, servers, databases and printers.

  3. Security Service--a general mechanism to provide proof of identity for both people and servers, authorization to access all resources based upon a single user identity, and secure encrypted communication.

  4. Messaging Service--electronic mail, bulletin board, and real-time notification services.

  5. Application Service--served applications that can be downloaded or run on demand at individual workstations. Freeware, shareware and site-licensed applications will be delivered throughout the campus. Proprietary applications will be available through a floating license service to authorized users.

  6. File Service--a community-wide shared file service.

  7. Database Service--a mechanism for collecting, serving and querying institutional data.

  8. the Cal Poly Pomona Web--a mechanism for providing global hyperaccess and control of all infrastructure services. The Cal Poly Pomona Web is currently providing delivery of publications; we should implement additional graphical Web interfaces to the directory, security, messaging, application, file and database services, and demote arcane keyboard-bound terminal interfaces.

Craig A. Rich -- carich@cpp.edu