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College of Business Administration

Dr. Erkan Ozkaya

Erkan OzkayaDr. Ozkaya earned his Ph.D. in marketing from Michigan State University in 2011 and is currently an assistant professor of international business. His specialty areas are international business, marketing strategy, innovation and cognitive decision making processes. He has presented several papers at international conferences and recently served as a co-track chair at the Academy of Marketing Science (2012). Previously, he worked in a joint venture in which he devised market entry strategies, led market research activities and developed marketing strategies. He currently teaches international business related courses such as Principles of Global Business (IBM 300), International Marketing Management (IBM 414), International Exporting (IBM 416) and International Logistics (IBM 429).

Selected publications

  • Ozkaya, H. Erkan, Cornelia Droge, Tomas Hult, Roger Calantone, and Elif Ozkaya (Forthcoming), “Market Orientation, Knowledge Competence, and Innovation: US Versus China,” International Journal of Research in Marketing.
  • Ryan, Jason, Sari Silvanto, and Erkan H. Ozkaya (Forthcoming), “A Contextual, Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Uses of University Degrees as Symbolic Capital in Self-Initiated Expatriation” European Journal of International Management.
  • Whitson, Debbora, Erkan H. Ozkaya, and Juanita Roxas (Forthcoming), “Changes in Consumer Segments and Preferences to Green Labeling” International Journal of Consumer Studies.
  • Ozkaya, H. Erkan, Chitra Srivastava, Kalin Kolev, Tomas Hult, Steve Dahlquist, and Sonia Manjeshwar (2013), “The Use of Hierarchical Linear Modeling in International Business Research: A Review and Assessment,” International Business Review, 22 (4), 663-677.