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College of Business Administration

Dr. Jae Min Jung


Dr. Jung received his Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of North Texas, and he is currently a tenured, full professor of marketing at Cal Poly Pomona’ International Business and Marketing Department. Dr. Jung is also the founding director of the College of Business Administration Behavioral Business Research Lab and the founding advisor of the Cal Poly Pomona Market Research Club. Dr. Jung has successfully placed his students in many leading market research companies in Sothern California and beyond. Dr. Jung is the author of over 50 peer reviewed national and international publications including the Journal of Business Research and Psychology & Marketing. Dr. Jung has also been a recipient of numerous grants and awards both on-campus and off-campus. Dr. Jung has been actively serving marketing community for various professional organizations including American Marketing Association, Association for Consumer Research, and Marketing Research Association, and Society for Consumer Psychology. Dr. Jung has taught a number of courses including Marketing Research, Business Research Methods, Advanced Marketing Research, and Marketing Research Consultancy at both undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Jung supervised over 30 student theses and business plans, and consulted a number of businesses based on solid market research he conducted with his students. Previously, Dr. Jung taught at the North Dakota State University as an assistant professor and at the University of Cincinnati as a lecturer.

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Selected publications

  • Jung, Jae Min, Hang Chu Hui, Kyeong Sam Min, and Drew Martin (2014), “Does Telic/Paratelic User Mode Matter on the Effectiveness of Interactive Internet Advertising? A Reversal Theory Perspective,” Journal of Business Research, 67 (6), 1003-9.
  • Polyorat, Kawpong, Jae Min Jung, and Yun-Yong Hwang (2013), “Effects of Self-Construals on Consumer Assertiveness/Aggressiveness: Evidence from Thai and U.S. Samples,” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 44 (5), 738-747.
  • Min, Kyeong Sam, Drew Martin, and Jae Min Jung (2013), “Designing Advertising Campaigns for Destinations with Mixed Images: Using Visitor Campaign Goal Messages to Motivate Visitors,” Journal of Business Research, 66 (6), 759–764.
  • Jung, Jae Min, Kyeong Sam Min, and James J. Kellaris (2011), “The Games People Play: How the Entertainment Value of Online Ads Helps or Harms Persuasion,” Psychology & Marketing, 28 (7), 661–681.
  • Laufer, Daniel and Jae Min Jung (2010), “Incorporating Regulatory Focus Theory in Product Recall Communications to Increase Compliance with a Product Recall,” Public Relations Review, 36 (2), 147-151. (Both authors contributed equally and their names are listed in random order.)
  • Jung, Jae Min, Kawpong Polyorat, and James J. Kellaris (2009), “A Cultural Paradox in Authority-Based Advertising Appeals,” International Marketing Review, 26 (6), 601-632.
  • Jung, Jae Min and James J. Kellaris (2006), “Responsiveness to Authority Appeals among Young French and American Consumers,” Journal of Business Research, 59 (6), 735-744.
  • Choi, Nak Hwan, Andrea L. Dixon, and Jae Min Jung (2004), “Dysfunctional Behavior among Sales Representatives: The Impact of Supervisory Trust, Participation and Information Controls,” The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 24 (3), 181-198. (Authors equally contributed and their names are listed in alphabetical order.)
  • Jung, Jae Min and James J. Kellaris (2004), “Cross-national Differences in Proneness to Scarcity Effects: The Moderating Roles of Familiarity, Uncertainty Avoidance, and Need for Cognitive Closure,” Psychology & Marketing, 21 (9), 739-753.

Honors with Student Projects (Selected)

  • Advisor to Hang Chu (“Michel”) Hui: (a) Selected to be a Cal Poly Pomona student delegate to 26th Annual, CSU Student Research Competition held at California State University, Long Beach, May 5 – May 6, 2012 (2nd place in Business, Economics, and Public Administration category); (b) Presentation at Global Marketing Conference, Seoul, Korea, July 2012 (Honorable Mention Award for the Best Conference Paper); (c) Presentation at Direct Marketing Research Summit Conference, Las Vegas, October, 2012; (d) Published in Journal of Business Research, 67 (6), 1003-9.
  • Advisor to Yuliya Idemenko, selected to be a Cal Poly Pomona student delegate to 25th Annual, CSU Student Research Competition held at California State University, Fresno, May 6 – May 7, 2011.
  • Advisor to Maha Ghosn: (a) Selected to be a Cal Poly Pomona student delegate to 24th Annual, CSU Student Research Competition held at San Jose State University, April 30 – May 1, 2010; (b) Selected into 2011/2012 California State University Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP); (c) Presentation at AMA Summer Educators’ Conference, San Francisco, CA, August 2011.

Professional Service and affiliations

  • Ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2014-present.
  • Ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2013-present.
  • Editorial Review Board member of the Journal of Business Research, 2009–Present.
  • Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 2009 – present.
  • Ad hoc reviewer for Marketing Letters, 2012–present.
  • Ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of International Marketing, 2008–present.
  • Ad hoc reviewer for the International Marketing Review, 2009–present.
  • Member of American Marketing Association.
  • Member of Association for Consumer Research.
  • Member of Association for Consumer Psychology.
  • Member of Marketing Research Association (Executive Board member of Socal Chapter, 2015-2016).
  • Member of American Association for Public Opinion Research