Research Assistantship Program

If you have an excellent academic record and ambition to discover your full potentials, we are here to transform your life.

Program Overivew

Research Assistantship is normally provided to graduate students in many academic institutions. We bring this opportunity to the highly selective undergraduate students who are worthy of receiving speical attention. The lab maintains  three to five positions throughout the year depending on situation. Becoming RA is competitive and highly selective. RA's will work with the director of CBA Behavioral Business Research Lab, Dr. Jae Min Jung and other members of the lab for at least one year.  The position is renewable upon successful completion of each semester, and is an indispensible preparation for graduate programs such as master of science and doctoral degrees. It is also an excellent preparation for off-campus market research jobs. All RA’s who were serious in a career in market research were offered at least one job prior to graduation. Most RA's present or publish the research they are involved in as coauthors. There is no monetary compensation for this position; compensation for their work is to (1) earn course credits, (2) prepare for graduate programs or market research career, and (3) get an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the development of theory and practice of marketing with presentations and publications.

Job Description

RA’s will work primarily at the lab (CLA98 C 6-10) for 8 hours a week with faculty and other members. The RA is likely to be involved in multiple studies, doing exploratory research using our library’s research databases, coding and entering, and editing data, and running laboratory studies by administering computer-aided experiments with undergraduate student subjects, designing computer-aided survey and online survey, analyzing data, writing research findings, preparing presentation slides, proofreading manuscripts and surveysk, presenting research findings in faculty conferences and student research competitions among other things.


Applicants must have taken STA120 or equivalent with B or higher grade. Successful applicants would have curiosity in the psychology and behavior of customers, and should be able to pay attention to details with excellent writing and communication skills. Ideal Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.5, but candidates with a minimum GPA of 3.0 can be considered if other exceptional quality can compensate the weakness in GPA.


RA experience will put you in a completely a different category of graduates with a bachelor's degree whether you want to get a job or move up to graduate schools. 

  • Once selected, RA’s will be allowed to enroll in IBM400 (Independent Study: 2 credits) or IBM 499H (Honors Project,; 2 credits) and use the experience to fulfill the course requirement.
  • RA's will learn a number of research skills including SPSS, SmartPLS, R, and Qualtrics.
  • RA's will be involved in one or more of faculty research, present research findings to academic and professional conferences. In particular, RA's will get opportunites to present research findings together with the faculty as an coauthor in faculty conferences such Marketing Educators' Association Conference or Marketing Edge Research Summit.  See past RA's achievement.
  • RA's will also participate in research competitions such as SCCUR (Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (November), Cal Poly Pomona Student RSCA Conference (March), and California State University Student Research Competition (April-May). See past RA's achievement.
  • RA's may be further invited to be coauthors of the faculty member they work with for peer-reviewed journal papers, which will be the ultimate honor and life-long achievement as the article bearing their names will be read around the world and other researchers will cite the article.
  • Exceptional undergraduate students are qualified to apply directly to Ph.D. programs. A track record of research will serve as a testimony for the students' ability to perform well in the program. Thus research experience is a must for those who apply to prestigious master's and doctoral programs. RA program can you achieve your goal.
  • All RA’s are considered a lifetime member of the lab, and will be given the support they need for their future endeavors. 

Who should consider this position?

While having experience in this position would benefit any students, those who are planning to apply to graduate schools (master's and Ph.D.'s) and those who want to work as a market researcher/analyst in any private companies, government, or not-for-profit organizations will benefit the most. 

Work hours and Duration

Under normal circumstances, the lab will open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Fridays. For summer quarter, the hours may be different.


Openings for the position are contingent upon vacancy, and you are encouraged to apply any time. If you are interested, first contact Dr. Jae Min Jung and inquire about an opening. If there is an opening, you may send (1) a cover letter detailing your interest and importance of this position for your career, along with (2) a most recent resume (with GPA), and (3) a letter of recommendation (preferred) to Dr. Jae Min Jung at Review of application will start immediately and decisions will be made prior to the next semester registration to help you with scheduling classes for the following term.