Services for the University Community

Type of Service

The Market Research Lab provides the following services to faculty and student researchers.

  • Literature review (article search and delivering pdf files)
  • Preparing computer aided data collection using Media Lab or Qualtrics
  • Listing studies in Business Research Panel (sona systems) and recruiting participants
  • Administering a survey or an experiment in the Market Research Lab on behalf of researchers
  • Data entry and coding
  • Basic data analysis and short write-up of results (e.g., descriptive statistics, cross-tabulation, Chi-square test, test of means using t-test, ANOVA)
  • Proofreading articles

Capabilities Available for the University Community

  • Subject Pool Management System: Policy and Instructions for Researchers and Instructors
  • Market Research Participation Panel Portal (For Student Participants)
  • Qualtrics  
    • Cal Poly Pomona has a university wide license for all faculty, staff, and students, who can use the service for free with valid Bronco id and password. Once you click the link, you will be directed to central login page for online resources, a page that you need to go through when entering online resources such as blackboard, Bronco Direct, and If you are already logged in, no further login is needed. 
  • Medialab
  • Market Research Internship Program (Apply)

Technical Support and Fee Information

For questions regarding participation as an instructor or students (e.g., for technical Issues in the use of Business Sona Systems Subject Pool Management System or credit issues), contact Allen Lu:

Allen Lu
Market Research Lab Administrator
College of Business Administration
Cal Poly Pomona
Tel: 909-869-4432
Fax: 909-869-4353;