Class Registration FAQ

How do I log onto BroncoDirect?

Click on the link to log onto BroncoDirect.

Use the BroncoName and BroncoPassword to log in to BroncoDirect/PeopleSoft. If the email is, the BroncoName is billybronco. The BroncoPassword is the one that works with the email account and is case sensitive, so make sure to type it correctly. (Letters must be typed as capital letters.)

Effective March 1, 2006, BroncoNumbers can no longer be used to log in to BroncoDirect.

What if my BroncoName or BroncoPassword does not work?

If a student has trouble signing on, he/she may call the Registrar's Office at (909) 869-3000 or stop by the office at the CLA Building, 2nd floor. If a student does not know his/her BroncoName or BroncoPassword, he/she will need to go in person to the Registrar's Office to request for this information. A valid photo ID must accompany the request. Due to security and the privacy of student records, BroncoName and BroncoPassword are not provided over the phone.

How do I search for classes and use advance search?

The Basic Search allows you to search by course subject or course number. Additional Search Criteria allows you to search for classes based on day of week, time of day, instructor or any combination of these factors.

To do an Additional Search Criteria search:

  • Log onto BroncoDirect
  • Click on Student Center
  • Click on Class Schedule Search
  • Select Term
  • Select your criteria
  • Click Search

How do I view holds, enrollment appointments, grades and transcripts?

  • Log onto BroncoDirect
  • Click on Student Center
  • Holds and enrollment appointments will be on the right hand side of the page
  • Grades and Transcripts will be under the drop-down menu called “Other Academic”

How do they determine my enrollment appointments?

Enrollment appointments are assigned based on the number of units that students have completed. Click here to view your class level.

How do I add and drop a class?

  • Log onto BroncoDirect
  • Click on Student Center
  • Add and Drop Classes will be under the drop-down menu called “Other Academic”

What is swapping a class?

Swapping a class is used to switch between two different classes. These may be the same course (section change) or different courses.

What are permission numbers?

Class permission numbers are used by students to enroll in courses that are full and require consent or requisites (co-requisites and prerequisites). Depending on the type of restriction in place, permission numbers are obtained from the class instructor or the department office. Permission numbers can be entered by students when enrolling through BroncoDirect. A specific permission number can only be used once. If an error occurs with its use, the student must obtain a new permission number. Students should clear all holds before attempting to register using a permission number. If a student has a hold that prevents registration but attempts to register with a permission number, the hold will prevent the registration and the permission number is voided. Class permission numbers issued to override seat capacity for closed classes are valid only during our Add/Drop Period (first six days of instructions) and will expire after the last day to add classes.

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a required class that must be taken before enrolling in the class in question. Consider the prerequisite course as a building block of knowledge. Taking the prerequisite prepares you for the next building block in the learning cycle.

What is a co-requisite?

A co-requisite is a required class taken simultaneously with another class to satisfy course requirements.

How do I view my class schedule?

To view your individual class schedule, click on the View My Class Schedule link. Select the term you want to view or a weekly calendar view in the Select Display Option.

Is there anything I need to do before the first day of class?

Each student is encouraged to review his/her class schedule for accuracy and discuss all discrepancies immediately with the Registrar's Office.

How many units should I take?

Twelve units is a “full load.” At this level, students have earned full-time status. Full-time status is particularly important for financial aid and immigration requirements.

How many units can I register up to during the general registration period?

Please click here to view the Registration Timelines and Unit Limits.

What if I want to register up to 20 units?

To enroll up to 20 units in any one quarter, students must submit a Petition to Exceed Unit Cap (PDF) to the College of Business Student Success Center for the appropriate signatures and return the petition to the Registrar's Office during the Add/Drop Period of the same quarter.

Am I automatically dropped if I do not attend the first day of class?

Students are required to attend the first class meeting or drop the class prior to the first day. Students who miss the first class meeting or who arrive late may be administratively dropped from the class by the instructor. While instructors may administratively drop a student from a class, it is a student's responsibility to officially drop. (Students are cautioned never to depend on this faculty option, but to take responsibility for appropriately dropping the class.)

How do I know I am in full-time status?

Full-time status is defined as the following:

  • For the purpose of maintaining Visa (F1) status: Undergraduate students need to take 12 quarter units during the fall, winter and spring quarters.
  • For the purpose of maintaining eligibility for financial aid: Undergraduate students need to take 27 quarter units per academic year.
  • For the purpose of maintaining satisfactory progress: Undergraduate students need to take 36 units during fall, winter and spring quarters.

Why is my enrollment appointment always toward the end of registration period?

Enrollment appointments are assigned based on a student's class level and the number of units that have been earned. Click here to view which group you are in.

My question is not on the page; how do I get it answered?

Although we try to address as many questions as possible on our website, there may be a few we have missed. For questions that are not on the website, please contact Stella Fong-Chen and we will try to answer them directly or put the answers on the FAQ page as soon as possible.