Late Registration FAQ

When is late registration?

The late registration add period is four business days prior to the start of the term and the first five school days of the term.

How much is the late registration fee?

Students are required to prepay a minimum of half-time fees, a late registration charge of $25 plus any outstanding balance before the hold can be removed.

How many units can I enroll up to during the Add/Drop Period?

It depends; please go to this website.

What do I do if I want to enroll up to 20 units?

Students must submit the Petition to Exceed Unit Cap (PDF) to the College of Business Administration Student Success Center in Building 164, Room 1060, for the appropriate signatures and return it to the Registrar's Office during the Add/Drop Period of the same quarter.

When is the last day to add classes?

The last day to add classes is the fifth day of the quarter.

My question is not on the page; how do I get it answered?

Although we try to address as many questions as possible on our website, there may be a few we have missed. For questions that are not on the website, please contact Stella Fong-Chen and we will try to answer them directly or put the answers on the FAQ page as soon as possible.