Faculty Research

Selected publications by Technology and Operations Management Department faculty

Faculty in Technology and Operations Management Department engage in variety of scholarly activities. Their recent work has appeared in high impact journals such as Management Science, Organization Science, Production and Operations Management, Decision Analysis, European Journal of Operational Research,  Computers & Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics etc.

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  • Fang Fang and Xiaohui Xu, An analysis of consumer training for feature rich products, Decision Support Systems, Volume 52, Issue 1, Page 169-177, DEC 2011
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  • Kumar, A. (in press). Modeling a Department Course Scheduling Problem Using Integer Programming: A Spreadsheet-based Approach. To appear in Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal
  • Liwen Chen, S.M. Gilbert, and Xu, X., The Role of Revenue-Focused Managerial Performance Measures in Supply Chain Coordination, Production and Operations Management, Volume 21, Issue 5, Page 814-832, SEP-OCT 2012
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