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Co-Op Education

The Cooperative Education Program is designed for students who want to obtain paid practical work experience while pursuing a degree. Co-op prepares undergraduate as well as graduate students for entry into the work force by offering opportunities for practical hands-on training prior to graduation. This on-the-job training gives the co-op student a competitive edge over others who have not had previous experience in their field of study. 

Co-op jobs usually last a minimum of two quarters, can be part time or full time, generally are located in Southern California and offer a broad salary range depending on the company as well as the student’s academic standing, grades and experience. 

Companies usually prefer junior or senior applicants, but occasionally sophomores are requested. Generally, any student seeking valuable work experience prior to graduation, who has a GPA of 2.0 or above and is at least a sophomore, is encouraged to become involved in the Co-op Program.

Many Cal Poly Pomona graduates have benefited greatly from their participation in the Co-op Program, and because of their experience, they have found themselves several steps ahead of their peers when entering the work force.

There is no fee to participate in Cooperative Education.  Students that are hired through the program must enroll in a Co-op/Internship course to obtain credit.  Courses are typically a 1-2 unit independent study course.

For more information, and to enroll in our program, please click on the student link and review the prospective students page followed by the Getting Started page.  You can also visit our office in Building 1, Room 108, or call (909) 869-3434.