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Academic Internships

Academic Internship is an academic credit-based internship that provides experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom and offers practical application and professional development in a workforce setting.


Center for Community Engagement Responsibilities:

  1. Provide information and  assistance to all university colleges regarding academic internship policy and  procedures.
  2. Serve as a point of contact with Faculty, department internship coordinators, students, and internship  business partners.
  3. Collect  internship agreements, submit to Associate Vice President for approval and store internship documentation.
  4. Conduct site visits with academic internship partners as needed.


Faculty Responsibilities:

  1. Develop syllabus, educate/guide students during internship
  2. Assign a grade for the academic internship course
  3. Collect the following Academic Internship Forms from students

a.     Academic Internship Agreement

b.     Site Self-Assessment

c.      Learning Plan

d.     Emergency form

e.     Release of liability form

      4. Submit the following form to CCE for review and approval:

a.    Internship Partner Agreement 

b.    Site Self-Assessment

c.    Learning plan