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Technical Electives

Students in the general and environmental options must complete a certain number of approved technical elective units, as indicated by CE XXX under "required option courses" on your curriculum sheet and flow chart.   The list of approved technical elective courses is shown in the following table.  Check the department's planned course offerings web page to determine when each course is planned to be offered.

Students may request permission to take other 300 or 400-level engineering or related courses as technical electives by submitting an academic petition.

Students with senior standing (>135 units completed) and GPA > 2.8 in upper division math, science, and engineering courses may request permission to take graduate engineering courses (CE 5XX) for undergraduate technical elective credit.  However, students must submit a written request to do so (the form is available from the Dean's Office in 9-225).  This form must be submitted no later than the end of the third week of classes.

Course Course Name Approved as a Technical Elective
General Option Environmental Option
CE 311/311L Geodesy and Satellite Surveying
CE 313     Land Survey Descriptions
CE 331 Public Land Surveys
CE 351/351L      Environmental Resource Systems  
CE 406 Structural Design - Steel  
CE 420/420L Digital Mapping
CE 424 Foundation and Retaining Wall Design
CE 427/427L   Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
CE 428/428L Urban Transportation
CE 429/429L Traffic Engineering
CE 432/432L Water Quality

For 2006-07 and later flow charts

CE 433/433L Structural Design - Timber  
CE 434/434L  Industrial and Hazardous Wastes  
CE 437/437L Slope Stability and Earth Dams
CE 442 Masonry Design
CE 445 Earthquake Engineering
CE 451 Engineering Hydrology For 2005-06 and earlier flow charts  
CE 456/456L Groundwater Transport, Contamination, and Remediation  
CE 457 Solid Waste Management  
CE 476 Bridge Design
CE 480/480L Advanced Highway Design
CE 482/482L Subdivision Design
CE 484/484L Design of Geographical Information Systems
CE 488 Computer Methods in Structural Analysis
EGR 322 California Land and Boundaries Law
RS 414/414L Current Applications in Regenerative Studies

Rev 10/5/07