Cal Poly Pomona

Dropping One or More Courses

There are a limited number of seats available in each course, so it is important to only register for courses that you intend to finish. Registering for extra courses and then dropping them later only does a disservice to another student who was thus prevented from taking the course.

In order to help students who intend to complete courses get seats in those courses, and discourage students from enrolling in courses that they do not intend to complete, the university and the College of Engineering have strict policies regarding dropping courses. These policies recognize that there are some situations when dropping a course is warrented, but require the student clearly demonstrate that their request is justified.

Weeks 1 - 3 of the Quarter

During the first three weeks of the quarter students may drop any class by using the Bronco Direct online system. Drops within the first five days do not appear on the students transcript. Drops during the remainder of this period appear as a W on the student's transcript, but do not affect the student's GPA.

Weeks 4 - 7 of the Quarter

Dropping classes during this period is possible only for serious and compelling reasons. Written verification may be required.

Use the Petition to Drop After the Third Week of Instruction form, which must be signed by the instructor of the course or courses you wish to drop, then submitted to the civil engineering department office.

Weeds 8 - 10 of the Quarter

Dropping of classes during the last three weeks of instruction is permissible only in cases such as serious accident or illness clearly beyond the student's control. Such drops may be approved for the following resons: Emotional disturbance which requires professional consultaiton (verification may be required); and/or financial difficulty or other peronal problems of a serious nature which reqauire withdrawl from the university or reduction in load (verification may be required for reduciton in load). Ordinarily, dropping classes during the last three weeks of instruction involves total withdrawal from the university.

Failure in a course is not an acceptable reason for withdrawing from class during the last three weeks of instruction.