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Grades and GPA for BSCE Students

Grade Point Average

A grade point average (or GPA) is the weighted average of a students grades. This weighted average is based on the following values for each grade:

A = 4.0
A- = 3.7
B+ = 3.3
B = 3.0
B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3
C = 2.0
C- = 1.7
D+ = 1.3
D = 1.0
D- = 0.7
F = 0.0
WU = 0.0

These values are weighted based on the number of units for each course.


Grade Points
CE 122
MAT 114
ENG 104

In this case, GPA = 29.2 / 9 = 3.24

There are three commonly-used GPA values at Cal Poly Pomona:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum grade needed in a particular course? A grade of D- or better is sufficient to pass any course. However, some courses require a higher grade in the prerequisite courses, which means the student may need to earn a higher grade in the prerequisite course in order to move on to the next course. Thus, in effect, civil engineering students must earn higher grades in the following courses: All math courses through MAT 214: C or better, CHM 121: C- or better, PHY 131: C- or better, ME 214 and ME 215: C- or better, ENG 104: C- or better. See the individual course descriptions in the University Catalog.
  2. What is the minim GPA needed to graduate? All three of the following GPAs must be at least 2.0: Overall GPA, Cal Poly Pomona GPA, and Core GPA.
  3. If I repeat a course, can I have the old grade removed from my transcript? By fling a Repeated Course Notification Form, a student may have up to 16 units of repeated coursework set aside for purposes of computing his or her GPA. However, these courses will still appear on the student's transcripts.
  4. If I pass the lecture but fail the lab (or the reverse), must I repeat both of them? No. You only need to repeat the one that you failed.
  5. I did not receive the minimum required grade in a certain course. Can I concurrently repeat this course and take the next course in the series? No.

Academic Probation

Undergraduate students are in good standing when both the Cal Poly Pomona GPA and the overall GPA are 2.0 or higher. If either GPA falls below 2.0, the student will be placed on academic probation. It is not possible to graduate while on academic probation, but the student may continue to take classes and improve his or her GPA. Students also may be placed on academic probation for failure to make suitable progress toward their degree requirements or for other reasons, as described in the university catalog.

An advising hold is placed on all students with a GPA less than 2.2. These students must complete an academic advising worksheet (available from the civil engineering department office) each quarter. This worksheet outlines a plan to improve the student's GPA, and must be approved by the student's advisor in order to have the hold removed.


Students will be placed on subject to disqualification status if their GPA falls below the values shown in the following table, and will be disqualified if their grade point balance falls below the values shown in the table. The grade point balance is difference between the actual grade points earned (see example above) and 2 times the number of units attempted (i.e. the number of grade points a student would have if his or her GPA was 2.0). For example, a sophomore student who has attempted 50 units and has 75 grade points has a grade point balance of 75 - 2x50 = -25. This student will be disqualified because the grade point balance is less than -22.5.

Class Level
Subject to Disqualification
0 - 44
GPA < 2.0
GPA < 1.5
GP Balance <= -22.5
45 - 89
GPA < 2.0
GPA < 1.7
GP Balance <= -22.5
90 - 134
GPA < 2.0
GPA < 1.9
GP Balance <= -13.5
135 or more
GPA < 2.0
GPA < 1.95
GP Balance <= -9.0

Although the typical pattern would be to pass through the "probation" and "subject to disqualification" stages before becoming disqualified, it is possible to move directly from probation to disqualification.

Disqualified students may continue to take classes during the quarter immediately following disqualification. However, they are not allowed to take classes as a regular Cal Poly student after this quarter, and are no longer considered to be Cal Poly Pomona students.


A student who has been disqualified but is enrolled in classes during the quarter following disqualification, as described above, may file an appeal during that quarter with the College of Engineering Dean's Office (Room 9-225). Except in extraordinary circumstances, appeals will be considered only if the student's GPA at the end of this quarter is at least 2.0.


Students who do not file an appeal during the quarter immediately following disqualification, or those whose appeal was denied, may no longer enroll in classes as a regular Cal Poly Pomona student. However, during the second quarter following disqualification the student may apply for reinstatement by submitting a reinstatement petition to the College of Engineering Dean's Office. Requests for reinstatement will be considered only if the student has raised his or her overall GPA and Cal Poly Pomona GPA to at least 2.0. This may be done by taking approved courses through the Open University. Students wishing to take courses through the open university must first discuss their plans with staff in the Dean's Office.

Once two quarters have passed following disqualification, it becomes necessary to reapply to the university through the normal admissions process.

Subsequent Disqualification

A student who has been disqualified for a second or subsequent time must take a mandatory 12-month sit out period. There is no appeal process, and readmission is not guaranteed.

For More information

Please refer to the University Catalog for more information on grades and associated graduation requirements. The Catalog is the authoritative source for such information, and contains more detail than presented on this web page.