Cal Poly Pomona

Majors, Minors, and Options


All undergraduate students in the department have the same major: Civil Engineering.


The civil engineering major at Cal Poly Pomona has three options: General ciivl engineering, environmental engineering, and geospatial engineering. All CE students must select one of these options.


A minor is a secondary course of study in addition to the major. Students are not required to have a minor, and the vast majority of civil engineering students choose not to have a minor. The various minors available at Cal Poly Pomona are listed in the University Catalog. Civil engineering students who choose to pursue a minor typically select business, geographical informaiton systems, regeneratie studies, or mathematics.

Students who wish to pursue a minor should discuss their plans with their academic advisor, then submit a form, which is available from the Registrar's Office in the CLA Building.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I change to a different major? Civil engineering students who wish to change to another major should first discuss their plans with the new department. The next step is to complete a ______ form and submit it to the new department for approval. If the new major is within the College of Engineering, then this form must be submitted to the College of Engineering Dean's Office, Room 9-225. .Students who wish to change from another major to civil engineering should click here.
  2. Can I have two majors? Yes, students in good standing may have a double major, and will receive two bachelor's degrees. To declare a double major, submit __________. The most common double major among civil engineering students is Construction Engineering Technology, because many courses can satisfy the requirements for both majors. However, most dobble majors require completion of a large number of extra courses, and thus will probalby delay your graduation date. Before pursuing a double major, consider keeping only one undergraduate major and then pursuing a master's degree (which is more valuable than a second bachelor's degree), or consider declaring a minor.
  3. Can I withdraw my request for a double major or for a minor? Yes. Just submit a ______ form, which is avaiable from the Registrar's Office in the CLA Building.
  4. Must I declare an option within the civil engineering major? Yes, all civil engineering students must be in one of the three optoins: General civil engineering, environmental engineering, or geospatial engineering.
  5. How do I declare or change my option? Submit a general academic petition with the wording "I hereby petition to change my option to ___________" and submit it to your advisor for approval.