Cal Poly Pomona

Transfer Credit

Students who transfer to Cal Poly Pomona from another college of university will normally receive transfer credit for most or all of the coursework completed at that institution. However, the more pertinent issue is to determine which of the degree requirements listed on the appropriate curriculum sheet are satisfied by these transfer courses.

New transfer students receive a transfer credit report during their orientation session. This report lists the courses that are automatically credited toward meeting the student's degree requirements by virtue of an articulation agreement, general education certification, or some other process. However, this does not necessarily mean that other transferred courses might not also meet other Cal Poly degree requirements.

Therefore, all transfer students should carefully review their previous coursework and their transfer credit report to determine if there are any other transferred courses that might satisfy specific Cal Poly degree requirements.

  1. . I believe a certain transfer courses should satisfy Cal Poly degree requirements, but this is not reflected on my transfer credit report. What should I do now? Complete a general academic petition with "I hereby petition to substitute (course number and name) completed at (college or university name) for (Cal Poly course number and name)". Attach a copy of the course description from their college catalog (should be available online) and a copy of your transcript or other documentation showing that you passed the course and your grade. If the corresponding Cal Poly course is outside of civil engineering, then you must first submit this petition to the appropriate Cal Poly Department (i.e., to the Mathematics Department for a math course, etc). If they approve the petition, then you submit it to your academic advisor.
  2. How do I know if my petition has been approved? After being approved by your academic advisor, you petition also must be approved by the civil engineering department chair and the associate dean of engineering. This process typically takes about two weeks. Students may then pick up their copy of the petition from the civil engineering department office.
  3. How can I determine which courses have articulation agreements? Check the website.
  4. What is general education certification? Students who complete an approved series of courses at a California Community College can be "general education certified", which means they will receive degree credit for an entire general education area. For example, by virtue of having completed a certain sequence of courses at a community college, a student might be "Area C certified" which means he or she has satisfied all of Cal Poly Pomona's lower-division Area C general education requirements. However, GE certification does not satisfy the upper division general education requirements (Areas B4, C4, and D4).


Taking Courses at Another College or University While Concurrently Enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona

Current Cal Poly Pomona students sometimes choose to take some classes at a community college or some other institution. Before doing so, it is best to check the website to verify that the course articulates to the appropriate Cal Poly course.

Before taking the course, the student should submit an application for concurrent enrollment. When approved, this form assures the student that the planned course will satisfy a particular degree requirement.

Cal Poly students may take a limited number of courses at another CSU campus without having to formally apply to that campus or pay extra fees by submitting an Application for Intrasystem Concurrent or Visitor Enrollment. Likewise, Cal Poly students can simplify the process of taking a course at a California Community College or a University of California campus by submitting an Application for Cross Enrollment.