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Civil Engineering Facilities

Engineering Laboratories Building

Civil Engineering is one of five departments in the Engineering Laboratories Building (also known as Building 17). This 117,000 square foot, $52 million structure was completed in 2001, and houses all of our instructional laboratories, the department office, and all of the full-time faculty offices. Many of our lecture courses meet classrooms located nearby in Building 9.

The second floor of Building 17 contains facilities that focus on imagination of solutions, while the first floor facilities focus on realization of design. These facilities are primarily intended for instructional purposes, and are designed to support the laboratory sessions associated with many of our courses.


Concrete Analysis Laboratory

Fluids and Hydraulics Laboratory

Geomatics and Surveying Laboratory

Geospatial Information Systems Laboratory

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The geotechnical engineering laboratory contains varoius test equipment for measuring the engineering properties of soil. These engineering properties, such as strengh and compressibility, are then used to design foundations, earth slopes, and other projects. This laboratory also stores drilling and sampling equipment which is brought out to the field to obtain soil samples for testing in the laboratory.

PermeametersPermeameters in the geotechnical laboratory measure the ability of water to flow through a particular soil.


Global Positioning Systems Laboratory

Infrastructure Design Laboratory

Special Projects Laboratory

Structural Mechanics Laboratory

Sustainable Land Development Laboratory

Transportation Systems Design Laboratory

Water Analysis Laboratory


The department office is located in Building 17, Room 2651. All of the full-time faculty offices are located nearby. For specific directions, see the visiting us and contact us web pages.