Completion of the Ed.D. Degree requires 90 quarter units. The program is designed to enable you to complete your doctorate in three years. Courses will be scheduled for your convenience during alternating weekends of Friday evening and Saturday. Schedules are developed for the entire year to allow for your planning.

In summer 2017, the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership will convert to semester units. No additional time for degree completion will incur from this university-wide change. Classes will continue to be offered on an every-other-weekend format. 

Year One Courses

Fall Quarter

EDD 700

Understanding Oneself as a Leader

EDD 760

Research Learning Community Seminar: Introduction to Doctoral Studies and Dissertation Research

Winter Quarter

EDD 751

Quantitative Research Methods for School Improvement

EDD 732

Organizational Transformation in Schools

Spring Quarter

EDD 752

Qualitative Research Methods for School Improvement

EDD 731

Student Achievement through Instructional Leadership

Summer Quarter

EDD 701

Ethical Leadership for Effective Schools

EDD 704

Effective Human Resource Management

Year Two Courses

Fall Quarter

EDD 752

Applied Quantitative Research for School Improvement


EDD 754

Applied Qualitative Research for School Improvement

EDD 730

Leadership for Equity and Advocacy

Winter Quarter

EDD 753

Dynamics of Motivation and Change

EDD 706

Law, Policy and Educational Leadership

Spring Quarter

EDD 761

Research Learning Community Seminar: Preparation and Defense of a Dissertation Proposal

EDD 705

Fiscal Planning, Analysis and Budgeting

Summer Quarter

EDD 703

Governmental and Political Relationships

EDD 702

Global Perspectives in Educational Leadership

Year Three Courses

Fall Quarter

EDD 734
Community Relations and Partnerships

EDD 735/ EDD 735L

Leading and Learning with Technology (Lecture/Lab)

Winter Quarter

EDD 762

Research Learning Community Seminar: Post-Proposal Dissertation Development

EDD 800


Spring Quarter

EDD 763

Research Learning Community Seminar: Advanced Dissertation Development

EDD 800


Summer Quarter

EDD 764

Research Learning Community Seminar: Preparation for Dissertation Completion and Defense

EDD 800