Education Specialist

Education Specialists (the correct title of the credential in California) must be skilled at creating, developing, and implementing individualized adaptations and accommodations to facilitate access to learning in a wide variety of educational settings. This includes access to the core curriculum, specialized curricula, learning and transition strategies, and the use of current and adaptive technologies. You will learn about all of this, and more, in Cal Poly Pomona’s Education Specialist Credential programs. 

The Education Specialist credential programs at Cal Poly Pomona were collaboratively developed with the input, and support of university faculty, former students, and an advisory group of public school special education administrators and teachers. Our collaborative and conscientious approach to program development and evaluation is key to insuring that our candidates are ready to meet the current and future needs of today’s ever-changing educational environments. Our programs are fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and meet all state teacher preparation standards and Teaching Performance Expectations. 

We offer the Preliminary Education Specialist Credentials in Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe disabilities, with the option to add on a Master of Arts degree. Credentials meet all NCLB "highly qualified" requirements and include English learner authorization and autism competencies.

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